Dr. Noor Tresor Agarwood Hair Scalp Serum (30ML)
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Dr. Noor Tresor Agarwood Hair Scalp Serum is suitable for men women children and elderly.

The length and size of hair are dependent on the anagen, growth stage, of the hair cycle. However, at the cornerstone of these processes, lies the blood flow in scalp, the transportation system for the oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to the hair follicles with subcutaneous blood flow.

Circulation in the scalp is vitally important for hair growth. Without blood reaching the hair follicles, they quickly wither and die. Conversely, when blood circulation is good, the hair follicles receive all of the oxygen, nutrients, and minerals that they need to grow – and they do just that.

Agarwood benefits:

  • Refined Agarwood Luxury Experience
  • Agarwood is an extremely precious medicinal material, the price is 1.5 times that of gold,
  • High hydration and high penetration
  • Quickly penetrate hair core, strengthen absorption from the inside out,
  • Repair hair, avoid false slippery feeling, clear roots.
  • The main function of Agarwood is to help our blood circulation, so that
  • We have a healthy scalp pouch, bright hair ...