AgaveNectar Instant Bird's Nest (2gram * 5 bottles)
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Agave Nectar is a type of pure natural healthy sugar. Blue Agave belongs to one kind of flowering aloe vera native to Mexico. It is also a type of traditional healthy sugar, consisting approximately 90% of fructose, a small amount of sucrose and inulin. Blue agave which blooms after 7 to 10 years are consider as a type of valuable healthy sugar. The taste is unique, taste better than honey, stabilizing emotion and would not fluctuate blood sugar level. It is 4 times sweeter than normal sugar and surely fulfilled your taste bud in just a few drops. Therefore, it is also suitable for diabetic to consume.

龙舌蜜即食燕窝 (2克x5罐)
龙舌蜜是纯天然的健康糖,而龙舌兰是属于芦荟家族的植物,原产于墨西哥, 属于传统健康糖类,含有大约90%的果糖,少量的蔗糖及菊糖。龙舌兰需经过7至10年才能开花结果,因此属于较为稀有珍贵的健康糖。有人说它的风味独特,喝了有种特久回味的甜蜜感,比蜂蜜更可口,且不会影响血糖,令情绪更为稳定。此外,因其甜度4倍于糖,只须少许,就能满足你的食欲,经济实惠。因此,亦适合糖尿病患食用。