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Moxa Rolls Air Sterilization Package
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Moxa rolls are often used in Moxibustion, with the functions of warming meridians, removing dampness in the body, prevent cold, anti-bacteria and relief pain, and preventing flu.

You can also use Moxa rolls to smoke the house indoor, with the functions of sterilization, deodorization, and as natural mosquitoes repellent.

The purpose of people using moxa to smoke the house is to hope that after the moxa is ignited, the moxa caused will sterilize the indoor air, kill harmful bacteria in the air. Some moxa sticks in the damp and cold house and company office. The smoked house can play the role of sterilization and odor removal.

Some families who keep pets such as cats, puppies in the house. The smell of urine of this pet will overflow the house. This will inevitably breed a lot of germs in private houses. Summer is a season of fly mosquitoes. At this time, some moxa sticks are ignited and placed in the house. The moxa smoke from the moxa sticks not just have the effect of sterilization and disinfection, but also drive away mosquitoes and remove odors.

How to use Moxa Rolls for Indoor Air Sterilization
1. After igniting the moxa stick, place it on the ashtray or the floor tile wood floor, pay attention to fire safety.
2. Leave the room, close the windows and doors, it is best to turn off 30 minutes and then turn on natural ventilation. That will allow the house's moxa sticks to have enough time to have the actual effect of sterilization.
Moxa's Moxa is very safe and has no endotoxins to the body, so the elderly can use it with peace of mind.

Moxisbution Air Sterilization Package
1. 15 sticks of Moxa rolls 
2. 1 bottle of Chinese Mugwort Essential Oil
3. 1 Moxa roll fire extinguisher tin





1. 艾条引燃后,置放在烟缸或地砖木地板上,留意防火安全。
2. 离开室内,关紧窗门,最好关掉30分鐘上下再开启自然通风为宜。那样可以让屋子的艾条艾烟有充足的時间来具有除菌的实际效果。

- 去除室内的异味
- 预防感冒等呼吸系统疾病的产生
- 镇咳、化痰及抗敏等功效

1. 15 条艾条
2. 1 瓶蕲艾精油
3. 1 个艾条灭火铁罐

What's in the box

1. 15 sticks of Moxibustion rolles (each is 1.8cm * 20cm)

2. One Piece of  Moxa Roll  Fire Extinguisher Can

3. One Chinese Mugwort Essential Oil