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Women Wellness Package: Moxa Cones + Can + Enzyme Juice
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Women Wellness Package 

Package includes:
- One box of Moxa cones (each box has 48 cones, each cone can last for 30 mins)
- One Moxa Bamboo Can
- FREE one bottle of concentrated Lemon Enzyme, 300ML (worth RM28)

1. 艾柱(48根艾柱/盒)x 1盒 (每一根艾柱可以做30分钟)
2. 艾竹罐一个
3. 免费一瓶300ML浓缩柠檬酵素 (价值 RM28)

Traditional moxibustion emphasizes on natural and origin. The QiZhenGe© Mugwort Cone is made of Mugwort leaves that naturally dried, stored for three years, and refined into high –quality cashmere. Made of grade one cashmere; The burning of cone is thorough, warm; rolled tightly with mulberry paper, and the ash is white and clean. Use along with Mugwort can, applicable in beauty moxibustion, children moxibustion, daily moxibustion, and for those higher expectation on moxibustion.

艾柱 (1盒48粒) - 1.8cm x 2.7cm