QiZhenGe© Mugwort Essential Oil
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QiZhenGe© Mugwort Essential Oil extracts the essence of premium Mugwort leaves, carefully blended and brewed, gently care for the skin; with natural ingredients, safe, no synthetic fragrance. Mugwort essential oil has antispectic simulant, can be used in body protection from infections, pain relief, stress relieft, moxibustion scraping, massage bath, aromatherapy and foot soaking.

  • Antispectic - applied tropically to address fungal infections, wounds and cuts
  • Soap ingredients - relaxing and antispectic
  • Digestive Aid - help to ease digetive problem like nausea and vomitting
  • As protection against infections
  • Natural simulant - keep your mind alert and active
  • Promote the removal of toxin and other unwanted substances from your body
  • Massage Oil - can be used to relieve pain and stress 


  • 抗菌 ,避免菌感染,伤口和割伤
  • 可以成为肥皂成分-舒缓和抗菌
  • 帮助消化,舒缓恶心和呕吐等消化问题
  • 天然保护,避免感染
  • 自然的模拟物-保持头脑活跃
  • 促进清除体内毒素和其他有害物质
  • 按摩油,可用于缓解疼痛和压力


净含量: 10ML/瓶


保质期:3 年