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Nasi Lemak + Dessert Menu for Two Pax
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Menu for Two Pax


o2 x Nasi Lemak set

   Choice of  Curry Lion’s Mane Mushroom
   or Curry

o2 x Drinks of the Day
o2 x Bird’s Nest Egg Tarts
o2 x Bird’s Nest White Coffee packs

Looking for vegan and flavorful Nasi Lemak, try out our Signature Curry Mushroom Nasi Lemak. With no coconut milk in curry sauce, we replaced with healthy soya milk and chewy Lion's Mane Mushroom.

  • Healthy yet delicious
  • No coconut milk, just use coconut oil and soy milk
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom with Soya Milk based Curry.

NOTE: Our Bird's Nest Egg Tart is freshly baked. Order placed before 2PM, will deliver on the same day and Order placed after 2PM, will deliver on the next day.



找尝试我们的招牌咖喱辣死你妈。 咖喱酱中没有椰奶,我们都是用健康的豆浆和猴头菇。饭也是用纯椰油来代替椰浆
- 健康又美味
- 没有椰汁,只用椰子油和豆浆
- 素食着,可用猴头菇代替加里鸡。

o2 份Nasi Lemak套装 (可选择咖喱猴头菇 或咖喱鸡)

o2 杯x每日饮品
o2 份燕窝蛋挞
o2 包燕窝白咖啡包装