Enzyme+​​​​​​​ Natural Lemon Enzyme - 300ML
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Enzymes drink is a healthy drink to be taken on a daily basis. There are many health benefits including boasting immune system, aids in digestion, increase metabolism, reducing inflammation, wound recovery and increases energy level. Enzymes drink is also categorized as an alkaline drink. Its alkaline properties help in balancing the pH level in our body from consuming all those acid forming foods that we consume every day. The acid forming foods are meats (pork, beef, lamb), dairy products (milk, egg, cheese) and convenience food (sweets, chocolate, microwave meals and fast foods).

Enzyme+ Lemon Enzyme is a concentrated enzyme drinks that extruded from Lemon into pure lemon juice, added with isomalto-oligo-saccharides and fermented naturally for 3 to 6 months. 

How to consume Lemon Enzyme:
A botlle 300ML Lemon Enzyme, can mix with drinking water for consuming or mix into Pandan water to add the flavour, with few leaves of mint to add the refrehsing taste in the Enzyme drink. You also can add pure honey to the lemon enzyme drink to add the flavour to the drink.
Just simple add two spoonful of Enzyme+ Lemon Enzyme into 280ml - 300ml drinking water, one bottle of Enzyme+ Lemon Enzyme can make approximately 30-33 glasses of enzyme drinks.

Our product:
- No Artificial Sweetener
- No Artificial Flavour
- No Preservatives
- No Artificial Colour


Storage Method:
- Please store away from heat and moisture
- Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.