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Yellow Tongkat Ali
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Yellow Tongkat Ali 
Anti-Inflammation, detoxification purposes, deacidification of body, reduce risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and prostate sickness, enhance men's vitality and women's fertility, improve men's hormone secretion for better stamina and durability.

烹饪方式 Serving Method:
A) 以热水泡东革阿里茶袋   Soak in hot water.
B) 东革阿里茶袋顿燕窝 Stew with birdnest.

提示1: 东革阿里男女都适合吃 Men and women are fit for comsumption.
提示 2: 用具勿用铁器,铁杯,以防功效流失。Do not use iron utensils or iron cup, to prevent loss of efficacy.
提示 3: 请勿把一人量分为多人食用,效果不宜显着。One person per serving for maximum result.