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QiZhenGe© Foot Soak Bag
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QiZhenGe© Mugwort Foot Soak
Mugwort leaves is a broadly used antibacterial and antiviral herbal. It has inhibitory and killing effects on many viruses and bacteria, and it has certain prevention and treatment effects on respiratory diseases. 
Mugwort leaves helps to dispel body’s cold and dampness, reduce foot odor, warming the womb, relieving fatigue and improving immune system. QiZhenGe© is made of natural pure Mugwort leaves, fine materials with high and reliable quality, does not contain pesticide residues, heavy metals and chemicals. The herbal bag is packaged separately using non-woven fabrics, convenient to use, and does not leave slag residue after soaking the feet. Using Mugwort leaves soaks feet, warms the body and peace the mind, improves health and wellness of body from the soles of the feet.